They say that from small beginnings great things develop, and so GFV Construction began from humble beginnings by Nuno Spinola. Through passion, a relentless attitude and a unique approach to conducting business, GFV rapidly developed and experienced phenomenal growth since inception, becoming a significant role-player in the construction industry.

GFV works closely as a ‘Family’ and believes building a future, means building our employees and establishing long lasting relationships with its partners.

We pride ourselves in exceptional workmanship. Each project is handled with personal attention, quick decision making and a hands -on approach from every aspect.

Founded and shaped by our core values which consist of staff empowerment, nurturing a spirit of learning, progress and advancement, open communication and transparency with employees and partners, respect, integrity, compassion and uncompromising principles, as well as client satisfaction.

Our mission is that we aim to differentiate ourselves by providing unparalleled customer service and deliver extraordinary workmanship to the highest standard. We aim to always maintain our sound ethical principles in conducting our business.

Our vision is to be innovative and creative in building the future, featuring new ideas in becoming the leaders in the developing phenomenon of alternative building methodologies, creating a lasting impact in the lives of others and leaving a profound legacy for generations to follow.